Friday, February 3, 2017

YAK Fest 2017

YAK Fest 2017 was a huge success!  There were so many teens that were able to join us, and I think we had the highest attendance so far!  All of the authors were really excited and many of them have emailed me to say that they loved getting to know our Texas teens and were very impressed with them.  Below are a few memories from the day.

Here's my yearly author selfie backstage with everyone right before they walked out onstage for their introduction.  From the front of the picture moving backwards:  Lindsey Lane, Jonathan Maberry, Will Ritter, Brendan Reichs, Samantha Mabry, Elizabeth Eulberg, Kate Elliott, Jeff Zentner, Christian McKay Heidicker.  

Jeff Zentner gave a passionate keynote speech about empathy.  You can read his speech on his website by clicking here.  But he is only leaving it on his site for a limited time!

Jeff Zentner signing autographs.

Melanie Crowder with one of our HMS 7th graders. 

K.A. Holt 

Christian McKay Heidicker and his selfie pose.   

Lindsay Cummings 

Sasha Alsberg listening to one of her many followers. 

Lisa Schroeder 

Tim Tingle telling a story. 

Brendan Reichs 

Emmy Laybourne 

Elizabeth Eulberg 

Will Ritter 

April Henry 

Jonathan Maberry 

The Escape Hatch - one of our favorite parts of YAK Fest.  Hanging out with authors is the best! 

I'm already planning YAK 2018!  Let me know of the authors you really want to meet.  Maybe we can make it happen!  Happy Reading!

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