Monday, March 28, 2016

March (Library) Madness Round Two

The newest brackets to vote on are listed below.  Go to the bottom of this post and you will find the link for voting!  So, go vote!!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

March (Library) Madness 2016

Here it is!  The moment you've all been waiting for. . . March Madness HMS Style!  We are looking for the most favorite book of the school year.  The top most checked out books from our library have been put into brackets to determine the champion.  Please use your KISD Google account to vote!  And watch the display case by the library to see when the winners move on to the next phase.  Last year's winner, The Maze Runner, is back in the running, but there are lots of great books on this list!

 One of the original dystopias or a fantastic murder mystery?

 The popular series by James Dashner or a serious look at suicide and the hidden struggles of one teenage girl?

 A great science fiction series about kids with powers, or a supernatural romance about fallen angels?
 A popular new fantasy about red bloods and silver bloods and their power over each other or the ever-popular Hunger Games original?

 Love is a disease in the future so why not stage a full-scale rebellion over it?  Or you could choose an old standby.

 Crazy robotic zombies taking over a school, or a fantasy set in the Seven Realms?

 A story about True and the legend that he creates for himself on the court, or a book about a girl who has visions of impending death?

 A cyborg Cinderella story with some really great twists, or a modern day version of Beauty and the Beast?

 Death narrates a tale of a German girl in the Holocaust, or the ghost of Marie Antoinette killing off relatives of the people who executed her in the Frech Revolution?

 Two love struck kids with cancer, or a story of the greatest soldier and her sworn enemy?

 Greek mythology, or dragons?

 Egyptian mythology, or a Holocaust story that takes place in Siberia?

 A strange boarding school run by the students (or are they?), or a mystery set in the college basketball final four series?

 An ancient guardian protecting us from evil, or a girl in a coma deciding her own fate?

 A science fiction version of The Bachelor, or a society where they match you up with who the government decides should be your mate?

A blind girl mistakenly kidnapped, or a mysterious virus that is killing people and the boy who knows more about it than he should?

Click here to go cast your votes!  But only if you are a student at HMS!!