Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest

Realistic Fiction
May and Libby were best friends.  As young girls, they created a comic story of Princess X - May did the writing and Libby did the artwork.  The girls were inseperable and lived for creating their stories.  Until one day when Libby didn't come home.  She and her mother were in a terrible car accident and both died.  Or did they?  It's three years later and May is seeing Princess X stickers all over town.  Who is doing this?  And why does it seem like the online version of the whole thing is telling the story of how her friend might not really died in the accident so long ago?

What I Liked
I felt like I was reading a book version of something like National Treasure or something!  May sets out on a quest to figure out what really happened to her best friend.  The comics that she found online seem to include real events from the past, but they are mixed with strange clues that only May understands.  Of course, along the way there is also a bad guy trying to keep May from finding out the truth.  It's dangerous, exciting, mysterious, sad, and just really, really good!  Take a few days off from all the science fiction you have been reading or that historical fiction book your English teacher is making you read and READ THIS BOOK!  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Watch the book trailer below to see real images of the comic in the book and some of the real places around Seattle that are referenced in the book.

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