Friday, June 12, 2015

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Genre:  Fantasy
Meira has been on the run her whole life.  She and seven other refugees are the only surviving members of a race of people known as Winterians that were conquered by the evil king of Spring, Angra.  Lucky for Winter, they have a living heir in their little group.  And if they can find a way to harness the lost magic of Winter, this heir might just be able to lead their people back to their homeland.  Now, if only Meira could get people to listen to her, she might just have all the answers.  Including the ones to questions she didn't even know she needed to ask.

What I Liked
I am a huge Game of Thrones fan.  The whole idea of fighting for control of a kingdom, and all of the betrayals that come with that fight, well it just fascinates me.  I loved The False Prince, The Red Queen, and The Young Elites.  This book fits right in with that collection.  Once again we have a strong female protagonist who does NOT like being told what to do by her male counterparts.  I like this about Meira.  But the parts that really had me totally engrossed were the battle scenes!  Raasch does a fantastic job of writing these scenes with just the right amount of description without going overboard.  I could see the chakra slice through the air (and enemy soldiers' necks), and I could almost feel the blows Meira took when she was taken prisoner.  If you want to get some good examples of "show don't tell" writing, this is the book for you!

What I Didn't Like
Well, you know me.  I'm not one for the romance.  Of course this one had it.  Let's face it.  What YA fantasy or science fiction book doesn't have the obligatory love triangle?  I will say that there wasn't a lot of droning on and on about which guy was best.  Meira realizes pretty quickly who it will be, but it doesn't interfere with the storyline.  With all the magic and intrigue and battles and prison camps and haunting visions - well, the love triangle just becomes a part of the plot.  It never gets too overbearing.

Book Trailer
Even though this isn't an official book trailer from the publisher, it's pretty good!  And it gives you a few more hints about the storyline.  Enjoy!