Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Texas Library Association 2015

So I was out most of the week last week so that I could attend this awesome, booknerdy event.  Here are some of the pictures I took while I was gone.

Publishers give away lots of books that haven't been published yet.  This is my haul.  I will put these in the library very soon!

This is Chris Lynch.  He's the guy that wrote all of those Vietnam and WWII books that I recommend to the guys.  These are a few of his new books.  Hit Count looks really good!  He autographed them for us!

Kiera Cass is on the right.  She wrote the Selection books.  Lauren Oliver is in the middle.  She wrote the Delirium series.  And that's Jessica Brody who looks like she's about to eat the microphone.  These ladies were hilarious!  

Marie Lu!!! She wrote the Legend series.  She was quite awesome.  Didn't know this, but she is a die hard gamer.  
That's Alexandra Bracken on the left.  She wrote Darkest Minds.  She also has a new series coming out soon.  And, yes, I will be buying it!  Emmy Laybourne is on the right.  She wrote the Monument 14 series.  Her new book is called Sweet and is about an artificial sweetener that has deadly side effects!
Ran into Origami Yoda himself, Tom Angleberger.  We had to wait for a table at lunch time and we hung out for awhile, along with some of his other author friends.  So cool!
The sequel to The Program coming soon!

Another book in the Deep Blue mermaid series!

Another beautiful cover on the next book in the Splintered series!

A graphic novel version of Legend?  What?  
I'm happy to be back at school with all of my students again!  I've missed hanging out with you and helping you find books!  Come see me when all of this STAAR testing is over!

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