Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I Am The Weapon by Allen Zadoff

Genre:  Realistic Fiction
"Ben" is a trained killer.  He has worked for The Program since he was a child.  They prepared him for his job.  He is saving the world from terrorists who threaten the American way of life.  What he is doing is the right thing.  At least that's what he has been told.  See, "Ben" is only 16.  And his next assignment is the mayor.  He has just five days to get close to the mayor's daughter, Sam, kill her dad, and then he can move on.  But his memories of his real family are making him question everything he has ever known.

What I Liked
This series is called the Boy Nobody series.  I love that.  We really don't ever find out who he is other than his aliases throughout the book.  The author did a great job of inserting plenty of glimpses into "Ben's" past to make me want to keep reading and find out what really happened to him as a child.  The assignment he is on for the main plot of the book is also intriguing.  Having the assasin personalized is a genius concept.  I found myself rooting for "Ben" and wanting him to be happy.  I think this is a pretty good way to keep the reader interested.

What I Didn't Like
The whole book was written in such a way that we are kind of in "Ben's" head.  He is a trained killer.  He doesn't let emotion get in the way of his job.  The sentences we read are short and succinct - kind of like you would expect an assasin to think.  Just the facts.  I didn't love this.  It was something I had to get used to, and it took me until about halfway through the book before I did.  I almost put it down and moved on to another book.  But, I'm glad I stuck with it.  Pretty great ending and I am pretty interested in what the next book might bring with it.

Book Trailer
I like this trailer.  Not too cheesy, but just enough of a tease for this book.
Happy reading!!

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