Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Being Dead by Vivian Van Valde

This is a collection of short ghost stories where all of the main characters are teenagers.  There are seven stories in the book that include ghosts that are both angry and basically confused.

My Impressions
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this book.  Short stories are difficult for me to enjoy simply because I want to know more about the characters than a short story allows me to.  However, ghost stories really lend themselves to this type of genre.  Also, I typically have many students who come to me looking for a "scary" book, and I don't know where to send them.  There's always Goosebumps, but many of my middle school students have matured past that series.  This book would be a great one to put in their hands. It also has the creepy factor that many of my students are looking for without the gory, horror that is sometimes inappropriate for this age.

I also liked that there was a variety of lengths to the stories within this book.  There are seven stories, and three of them are much shorter than the other four.  It breaks up the monotony of reading one long story after another.  The style of story in the short ones is also a bit of a break from the longer stories.

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